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An Marin 520


Boat Description

An Marin 520is new type of the boat with a powerfull engine of 100 Hp on his 5 meters lengthiness so this can be very good choice if you want a small very fast boat . Open type of the boat gives him a space for all number of passengers , totally 6 . With his low price and low  fuel consumption , this boat is perfect choice for people who knows what they are looking for . Protection from the sun , shower , GPS and maritime ability make this boat perfect choice for families


Year of built: 2019
Length overall: 5.2 m
Beam: 2.2m
Draft: 0.55m
Cruising speed 18 MPH
Max speed: 30 MPH
Fuel tank: 100 l
Water tank: 50 l
Passenger capacity: 6
Engine: Yamaha 100
Cabins: 0
Toilets: 0
Shower: 1


-Raynarine GPS , adriatic sea chart , temperature , depth
-Bimini Protection from the sun
-MP3 radio , usb music 
-USB Charger
-Diving equipment
-All support equipment on board (ropes , fire extinguisher , etc ..)



-One day of rent lasts from 09:00 to 18:00.

-Multiday renting lasts from 09:00 of the renting day until 18:00 of the last day.

-Fuel is not included in the price, also you are given a full tank of fuel and you should return it full aswell.
(If you are not able to return the boat with a full tank you can pay us to fill it for you.)

-At least one crew member must have a valid sailing license.
(If you dont have a valid sailing license you can hire our skipper for the price of 80€ per day.)

-The boat is insured as are all the passengers.

-On the boat you can find all the navigation equipment needed for safe sailing also we provide plenty of other additional equipment.

-If you have any questions or issues you can always reach us on our telephone number. We always answer without exception (0 - 24h).


Price per day240 €
Date: 01.05 - 01.10
Price per week1400 €
Date: 01.05 - 01.10